Reinvent your customer experience.

Offer a more digital, digital and inclusive customer experience thanks to the digital passport.

Valorize your customers and communicate with them differently.

Push events anytime.

You can intervene at any time on the passports, push events (repair, warranty, etc.) and follow in real time all the events that may occur on your products.

Save time by communicating effectively.

Warranty extension, product recall or other, communicate instantly with the owner of the device in a few clicks.

Offer innovative services on demand.

In addition to being tamper-proof proof of ownership, the digital passport provides access to new services. Now you support your customers throughout the product lifecycle.

Verification of ownership and detection of counterfeits.

Transfer of digital ownership (sale or donation)

Centralisation et stockage de tous les documents (factures, réparations, garanties, notice...).

Loss and theft reporting.

Services offered by the brand (Product info...)

Personalize your customer experience with Zero-Party Data.

We help you offer a personalized experience to your customers according to their wishes and consumption habits, based on deterministic, reliable and objective data.

How does it work ?

Create your account Locketo is free and will remain so!

Register your devices and equipments for free using their serial number.

Use our services according to your current needs: authenticity verification , secure transactions ...

Report with one click the loss or the theft of a registered device.

Be notified instantly of any event concerning your equipments and devices.

For more details ? Visit our FAQ or contact us!

Contact us!

We offer an adapted approach, we would be delighted to:

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