Bring your equipments to life on the internet.

Claim digital ownership of your devices and equipments and access to new services.

The platform that allows you to manage everything from your sofa 🚀.

Your devices and documents in one place.

You can easily manage all of your devices and the associated documents (user manual, purchase or repair invoice, warranty, etc.), whether it's your bike, watch, smartphone, etc.

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Sell more expensive on the second-hand market !

Thanks to the transmission of passports, we offer you maximum transparency and traceability, thus proving when reselling that your device is well maintained!

Don't worry anymore for a repair or how to join the SAV !

Whether it's a repair, warranty renewal, sale, etc., the digital passport allows you to access services and promotions in one click.

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Chat with users on the same device as yours.

For a question, a sharing of tips, a video of use, you will love our user communities.


Watch tutorials and usage stories.

Because a video is worth a thousand words, you will have access to information about your products in video format. (tutorials for use, DIY, repairs, tips, etc.).

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Be aware of upcoming events.

Whether it is a revision offer, warranty expiry or a product recall, you will be notified in real time with the digital passport.

How does it work ?

Create your account Locketo is free and will remain so!

Register your devices and equipments for free using their serial number.

Use our services according to your current needs.

Report with one click the loss or the theft of a registered device.

Be notified instantly of any event concerning your equipments and devices.

For more details ? Visit our FAQ or contact us!

Smartphone, computer, bike, car ...

Register your first device for free now!

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